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There isn't a more exciting place to learn German than Munich. There are many historical sites in the city and a plethora of internationally renown breweries. Munich is home to the famous Oktoberfest which features dances and cultural traditions. If you choose to study German in Munich in October, you won't soon forget it.

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Learn German in Munich and see some of the most iconic pieces of German culture. Located in Bavaria, Munich is flanked by the Alps and enjoys distinct seasons throughout the year. After finishing daily classes at our German language school in Munich, students enjoy visiting Marienplatz, the city's main square, which serves as a bustling center of the city. The breathtaking Bavarian National Museum holds countless pieces of European artifacts for visitors to view. You can also catch an opera or symphony performance at the National Theater, which has shown many premieres of great German composers throughout its history. Study German in Munich and the city will share her riches with you.

German language school in Munich

While you're sure to pick up a lot in class when you learn German in Munich, one of the best ways to truly perfect your German language skills is to live with a host family. You'll practice your conversational skills over breakfast and get a local perspective on the German culture. Of course, you can also stay in a student residence, where you'll live among other international classmates and have a bit more independence. You'll choose your own meals and set your own schedule, so you can explore whenever you are not participating in intensive German courses. You'll have a great time either way when you study German at our German language school in Munich