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Study Abroad in Malaga

Study abroad in Malaga, where life is good. Malaga is located on the Mediterranean Sea and is considered to be the gateway to the Costa del Sol, a popular tourist destination. While you study in Malaga, you'll split your time between sunny classrooms and the beach. What better way could there be to learn a new language?

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Study abroad in Malaga

You'll soak up Andalusian culture while you study abroad in Malaga. The city has a mix of Moorish and Baroque architecture and is a great place to sample cuisine typical of the region, such as gazpacho and fried fish. Study abroad programmes in Malaga let you decide how to balance your class time and free time. More classes help you learn quicker while more free time lets you explore the city and relax on its fantastic beaches. All programmes include activities, such as city tours and flamenco evenings, to help you get to know and enjoy Malaga. You'll have incredible fun and speak better Spanish when you study abroad in Malaga.

Learning to speak Spanish

No matter what your level is entering the programme, your Spanish will improve while you study in Malaga. Depending upon your level when you start your programme, you can expect to feel more confident speaking Spanish within a few days, and you'll have noticeable progress in your skill level after the first few weeks. You can expect even faster results if you choose a more intensive programme. You'll be learning from a curriculum that's been in development since 1965, so we know what works and what doesn't. Choose a study abroad programme in Malaga and elevate your Spanish skills to the level you need to accomplish your goals.